He has composed music for cinema’s original soundtracks, songs, jingles for radio broadcasting shows, television shows, theatre shows and documentaries.

Is one of the main collaborator of the Italian National Radio Channel “Rai Radio Due” as well as a longtime partner as pianist, co-writer and arranger of the beloved comedy couple “Lillo & Greg”, Max Paiella and the great singer and performer Renzo Arbore.

Some of the most successful Radio shows are: “Il Ruggito del coniglio” by Marco Presta and Antonello Dose, where, as pianist-comedy performer, creates music and characters together with Max Paiella; “610 Sei Uno Zero” by Lillo & Greg, “Max Paiella Show”, “Max Paiella tutto compreso”, “Black Out” and many more.

He composed and arranged the original soundtracks for several movie, web series, tv series and many hit comedy Theatre show and he attended several Italian Tv Show in the  permanent cast as a pianist, arranger, composer and live band director.

He is the pianist of the “Swing Maniacs” the Renzo Arbore’s live swing band with which he records four albums  “Vintage! Ma non li dimostra, "Io faccio 'o Show", "My American Way!" and “Per amore” a tribute to Lelio Luttazzi produced by Roberto Podio.

He also is the pianist, arranger and conductor of “The Rabbits” the live band performing at the radio show “Ruggito del Coniglio” Radio due.

He performed and recorded also for the Blues Willies Band, successful live band project with which he recorded two albums: Greg & The Blues Willies and Suonare Stella, soundtrack of the namesake tv show. Other albums: Serenate Coniglie, Castelli Romani, Ruggito del Coniglio Compilation.

He is the music producer for “The Music of My Heart” by Ilaria Della Bidia, discography and live project for which he recorded, arranged and mixed the homonymous album published in 2021 by Sunberry Music Records.

Photo Gallery

Attilio Di Giovanni - Serena De Angelis photographer with Renzo Arbore, Marco Presta, Antonello Dose and Max Paiella - Ruggito del Coniglio Radio Due with the band of musical Chi Erano i Jolly Rockers with the band of radio show, The Rabbits live concert with the band of Jolly Rockers - Carlotta Domenici de Luca photographer with Lillo, Greg and Max Paiella - musical Chi Erano i Jolly Rockers